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Distance education is the most convenient option of earning a degree even while you are working. In fact, getting such forms of education is the dream of many and it has been given a real shape by the many distance education universities in Bangalore. Whether you want distance learning for a better job in a multi-national company or in a government sector or you want to get an educational loan by providing your degree certificate you can opt for distance education from any of the universities in Bangalore offering distance education.

In recent times, the demand for knowledge is high and a lot of people have been unable to fulfill their dreams. This is where distance education courses play an important role. It is true that in distance learning the teacher and the taught are separated geographically but that does not affect the transfer of knowledge. The distance education courses in Bangalore make use of new technological and advanced methods of learning so that the process of knowledge sharing does not fall short.

If you want a comprehensive distance learning that is most updated and focuses more on real life information than merely on theoretical knowledge, Bangalore university distance education is the name to trust. All the centers in Bangalore university distance learning have a pool of highly knowledgeable and experienced faculty those who are up to-date with all the latest teaching methods. If you are thinking, just because it is a distance learning, the teachers will not be enough careful, then you are wrong. Every time you need your faculty they will be there to help you.

The options available in distance education in Bangalore are widespread and so you have a plethora of choice to choose from. Whether you are looking at pursuing a traditional course or you want to complete a hardcore professional degree, you can do so from Bangalore university distance learning. The entire process of admission into a course and its completion for the distance education courses in Bangalore is pretty simple. You will have to obtain the application form and complete the admission procedure. In fact, all the steps have been made simple thinking of the busy schedules of the working professionals.

Another good thing about distance learning in Bangalore is that the fees that you will have to pay for a particular course are not exorbitant. Thus, you get a degree that has a similar value as that of a regular degree without attending regular courses and at a price which is far lesser.

So if you want to see a growth in your professional career it is important that you add on to your degrees along with your experience and the best option to do so is through distance education. And Bangalore university distance education is one of the lucrative options both in terms of cost effectiveness and value.

The Directorate of Correspondence Courses and Distance Education of Bangalore University was established in 1976. In the beginning, it was offering only a few external courses. Over the years, it has grown to incorporate both correspondence courses and open university schemes and through these, it offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, postgraduate diplomas and certificate courses. The Directorate is making all efforts to meet all the requirements of distance education and to democratize higher education. Thus, the Directorate is catering to the public who could not pursue their studies in regular courses.

The Directorate of Correspondence Courses and Distance Education is offering courses for undergraduate, Post Graduate, P.G. Diploma and Certificate. Bangalore university is to help student community in their zeal for pursuing Graduate and Post Graduate studies. The necessity of the distance education to accommodate larger number of students who wanted seats for P.G. Studies, could not be accommodated in regular programmes.

Bangalore University is offering two types of courses one is Open University Course and another is Correspondence Course.

Why to choose Bangalore University Correspondence / Distance Education?

Planning to study undergraduate or postgraduate or any professional course in Bangalore university distance education is really a good choice. Most of the students from all over India love to pursue their education in Bangalore. Bangalore is one of the beautiful cities in India and people love to stay here. Bangalore welcomes all with great opportunities in one hand and lots of fun and enjoyment in other hand. People who come to Bangalore from various places in India love to work and study simultaneously.

People join correspondence courses to continue their education. When students decide to study correspondence courses in Bangalore their first choice is Bangalore University Distance Education. Students have great dreams about their education and at the same time about their career. Bangalore University Distance Education is an amazing and one of the oldest and biggest universities in Karnataka. Not only the other state people, even the students from Bangalore and other places in Karnataka love to study in Bangalore Open University.

  • The faculties in Bangalore University offer such an amazing support to the students who are pursuing their correspondence courses. With their amazing support students gain a great confidence about their studies.
  • Students pursuing the Bangalore university correspondence courses can easily set their own pace of study.
  • Students can study whenever they find convenient time. Students can simultaneously take care of study and job so that they can set up their career while there is studying. This is really a great advantage for the students who are studying in the Bangalore Open University. Students can allocate their own hours to study without any pressure and stress.
  • No matter in which city you live- you can gain your degree and job. Studying in Bangalore Open University gives you lots of advantages.
  • Getting the Bangalore university correspondence admission is very easy anybody can apply in Bangalore University to continue their education.
  • No age limits and no conditions, anyone can easily apply to pursue their education in Bangalore University. Bangalore University ensures that their distance learning programs and the regular learning programs are in same high quality.
  • After the students come out by completing degree, ocean of opportunities stands in front of them.

The name of the university alone is more enough to gain a good impression on the graduate. Bangalore Open University is one of the reputed universities in India. People from all over India take great interest in getting the Bangalore university correspondence admissions. It is really a great opportunity for the students to get admission in the Bangalore University Distance Education because while the student is studying they can work in any organization to carry out their education expenses. So that the student himself can take care of education expenses and have a great chance to enjoy the eye catchy facilities offered in Bangalore city. Getting admission in Bangalore Open University is really a great chance for the students to study and explore many good things that are useful to lead a happiest life in Bangalore.

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