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A Bachelor of Arts (B.A) is a bachelor's degree awarded for an undergraduate course or program in either the liberal arts, the sciences, or both. Bachelor of Arts degree programs generally take three to four years onsite, and takes 3 years in a Correspondence degree in bangalore university.

The Bangalore Open University offers numerous Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree programmes under correspondence courses. These popular Correspondence degrees in bangalore university encompass a range of disciplines, from English language and history to economics and sociology, enabling you to deepen your understanding of arts and humanities.

Career forecast for Bangalore Open University BA correspondence graduates :

The Bangalore Open University Bachelor of Arts B.A correspondence degree will empower you to embrace further scholarly research, or you may like to utilize your degree for a scope of professions from advertising or publishing to journalism or teaching.

Qualification for Bangalore University Distance Education BA admission

Open University Scheme requires the candidate to have completed 18 years of age as on 1st of June of that academic year.

Regular Scheme requires the candidates to be a (II PUC pass) holder.

Admission to second/third year:

Candidates of first year degree are qualified to concede for second year without waiting for the first year results and second year degree candidates are qualified to concede for third year degree without waiting for the outcomes/results.

Term of BA correspondence in Bangalore University: 3 years

Medium : Kannada/English.

Bangalore University correspondence BA syllabus
I Year BA
Language I
Kannada / Telugu / Hindi / Tamil / Malayalam / Urdu / Sanskrit ( Study materials will be provided only for Kannada Languages, any one to be opted.)
The students can opt for any one of the Optional’s in the Combinations mentioned below:
  • History, Political Science, Economics
  • History, Sociology, Opt. English/ Kannada
  • Political Science, Sociology, History
  • Philosophy, Political Science, Economics
  • History, Sociology, Economics
  • History, Economics, Opt. English/Kannada
  • Economics, Sociology, Opt, English/Kannada
  • Economics, Sociology, Political Science
II Year BA
Language I
Kannada / Hindi / Sanskrit / Malayam /Telugu / Urdu / Tamil / ( Study materials will be provided only for Kannada Language ) ( Language which was opted in 1st year only has to be continued)
Language II
English - compulsory
The candidates can choose any one of the Optional’s among the following Combinations.
  • History of Karnataka - 540 to 1973
  • International Economics
  • Political Science : International Relations
  • Principles of Sociology
  • History of Western Philosophy
Paper-3 : History of Modern India 1707 - 1966 (Comulsory)
Paper-4 : History of Modern Europe 1500-1969 ( Optional )
Paper-3 : The Indian Economy ( Comulsory)
Paper-4 : Economics Doctrines ( Optional )
Political Science
Paper-3 : Political Theory ( Comulsory)
Paper-4 : Public Administration ( Optional)
Paper-3 : Social Problems wrt to India (Comulsory)
Paper-4 : Industrial Sociology ( Optional)
Paper-3 : Logic ( Comulsory)
Paper-4 : Ethics ( Optional)
Paper-3 : As per syllabus
Paper-4 : As per syllabus
Paper-3 : As per syllabus

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Correspondence BA eligibility
Regular Scheme: II PUC / Equivalet to 12th Std Pass
Open University Scheme: 18 years of age of the particular academic year
Required documents to get Bangalore university BA correspondence admission
SSLC/PUC Marks Card
Degree Marks Card
Original Migration Certificate
Caste Certificate
Xerox Copy of all Marks Cards
Original Transfer Certificate
Age Proof Certificate for Open University Scheme
Two passport size photos
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